Tinitell Ting

Help your friends and family discover Ting and Tinitell
and you'll both get rewarded!

Share the news about Ting with your friends and get credit back

Ting will give each friend you refer a $25 credit that they can use as Ting account credit. For your first referral, they'll add a $50 service credit to your Ting account. For each subsequent referral, Ting will drop a cool $25 credit into your account.

  You Friends
First share:
  You get $50
when your first friend activates Ting.


Your first friend gets $25.

  You get $25
when every new friend activates Ting.


All of your friends get $25 as well.


How it works

If you have already activated your Tinitell with Ting, all you have to do is to log in to your Ting app and head to the Refer a Friend section to get started. Alternatively, you can visit ting.com and visit the Refer a Friend section in your account. This is a personal referral page that displays your unique referral URL. Send this URL to your friends and if they click through and sign up for Ting service, your $50 or $25 credit and their $25 discount will be automatically applied!

You can create your account with the referral code at any point and the credits will sit on your account until they're ready to be used.

We've also integrated sharing tools on this page including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and an email button. These will share the URL to this news piece, so you can sit back and watch the service credits roll in. Remember that sharing is caring!

We genuinely appreciate all the feedback we have had so far on the Tinitell plus Ting service and we're extremely happy to see that more than 90% of our community is super-happy with both services. We just thought to put this together as a thank you gift to all of you and a really nice way to enlarge the Tinitell Family.

Check Ting coverage in your area:


What kind of coverage can I expect on Ting?

Ting offers service on a nationwide GSM network, be sure to have a look at our GSM coverage map to confirm service in your area. Your new Tinitell device will operate on the 2G network.

What is an IMEI number and where can I find it?

An IMEI is a unique number that tells us a bit about your device. It can be found on the back of your Tinitell or on the bottom of the box your device came in.

Who do I contact if I cannot activate my Tinitell with Ting?

Please send us an email to hello@tinitell.com if you encounter any issues in setting up your device and our support team will help out. If you have any coverage or SIM card activation questions please contact Ting via help@ting.com or by phone to 855-8464389. Thank you!

Can I use the credit to buy a new device from Ting?

No. The credit is allocated to your account and you will be able to deduct this from your Ting monthly bill.