Tinitell Review: Darla and kids

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Darla and her two kids have been using Tinitell for more than 6 months now and they wanted to share their review with other Tinitell families. This is Darla, the mom, answering a few questions about their experience.

Darla Tinitell Review Kids

How do your kids like Tinitell?

My kids who are 8 and 5 love these watches! They use them almost daily. They were so excited to be able to contact one another and us with ease.

What is your favourite feature?

My favourite feature is the ability to have voices programmed into the device. They used their own voices to program the numbers so that when someone is calling they hear themselves stating who it is. We love how clear the sound is and they think the volume is great! In the future, we would love to see more band colours and designs.

What’s the funniest thing your kids have called to tell you?

My kids even use the watch when they are in the house to ask if they can have a snack, go to a friend’s house and even call me when I am out to ask when I am coming home. My son has once called me when a babysitter was with him to tell me he missed me ❤️

When did Tinitell prove the most useful to you?

Tinitell has proven to be most useful when our kids go outside to play. I love knowing that I can get a hold of them with the touch of a button and can also track them with the GPS feature. Being a low tech family we wanted something that was simple for kids to use and didn’t have all the distractions and games that some others have. Tinitell is awesome and we recommend it 100%!

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